6 Best Test-Taking Tips from Champions in Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exams

Every year students from around the world compete to be named the best in the world in Microsoft Word®, PowerPoint®, or Excel®.

Not only are these kids whizzes at their Microsoft program of choice, but they have proven themselves to be really good at taking tests. They had to beat out more than 560,000 unique individuals taking tests, known as the Microsoft Office Certification exams, from 122 countries.

From this pool, Pearson’s Certiport business invites only 150 elite test takers to the World Championships in Anaheim, California. To win, these teenagers have 50 minutes to take the exam. Time and accuracy matter. But, how do they handle the stress?

These champions have some advice for their fellow students.

“Be prepared. You have to have the right mindset. Understand what the test will look like and where you will be taking it.”

Rosario Ruiz, Paraguay

“Check your answers. Go slow. And give yourself time.”

Noah Stelting, Canada

“Don’t cram. You can get overwhelmed and forget everything.”

Forrest Lui, United States

“Know your skills and give it all you got.”

Aashutosh Acharya, Nepal

“Don’t worry what other people say about the test.”

Ed Allison, New Zealand

“Get your mind off of things and play some sports!”

Hristo Bakardzhiev, Bulgaria