7 Ways to Help Kids Develop Creative Thinking


Fostering Creative Thinking

“Creative thinking is a skill that is very important for success in college and career,” says Emily Lai, Director at Pearson’s Center for Product Design Research and Efficacy.

Emily says creative thought is essential for cultivating a child’s love of learning—and equipping them with the skills they need for success in life.

Where High Achievers Falls Short

In a recent New York Times opinion piece, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania professor Adam Grant wrote about how child prodigies who excel early in education may not perform so well later in life. He says in doing everything that they’re supposed to do—and doing it well—early achievers are not necessarily developing the creativity that comes with coloring outside the lines.

7 tips for creative thinking

“What holds them back,” writes Adam, “is that they don’t learn to be original.”

“They strive to earn the approval of their parents and the admiration of their teachers.”

7 Ways to Help Kids Develop Creative Thinking

Emily Lai offers these strategies to parents and teachers to help encourage kids to use creative thinking strategies and adopt creative thinking attitudes:


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