A Video About How One Student’s Story Can Inspire the Future of Learning Innovation

A Connection with Ayush, Telling His Story Anew

We published the story of Ayush Sharma last month: “A College Readiness Pathway from India to MIT.”

You may recall that Ayush participated in innovative classwork in India through Avanti, a local education company in which the Pearson Affordable Learning Fund has invested.

Ayush’s story was so resonant with our readers, that we (and a camera crew) traveled to Boston to speak with Ayush ourselves.

“An Impressive Young Man”

Pearson CEO John Fallon sat down with Ayush to talk about his first year in one of the world’s most competitive and prestigious institutions.

“It’s been awesome,” Ayush told him.

Ayush’s energy was infectious, especially when he started talking with John about particles and electrons in front of a chalkboard. He talked about the stimulating, academic environment as “home.”

Scaling Innovations in Learning

Avanti uses an innovative methodology in a handful of Indian classrooms, at a price point many can afford.

Pearson was impressed with how its students regularly scored so high on some of India’s tough national tests. The company soon invested in Avanti.

It’s part of a strategy to bring better learning to millions of children around the world who have no or limited access to an education.

“How can we create create learning that’s personal to one and network it to the benefit of thousands and hundreds of thousands?” says John.

“That’s what is so wonderful, I think, about what we do.”