An Imaginative Journey for Read Across America Day

The Royal Mint’s Peter Rabbit coin. Photograph: Royal Mint/PA

A New Honor for an Old Friend

We’re celebrating Read Across America Day.

A beloved American author—born this month in 1904—helps us mark this special day in a moment.

First—a one-of-a-kind symbol of the work of another author loved by readers and learners across the globe: Beatrix Potter.

The United Kingdom’s Royal Mint has decided to put the unforgettable face of Peter Rabbit on the front of a special 50 pence coin.

Beatrix Potter first published “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” in the early 1900s. She’d written it originally as a story for the five-year-old boy of a close friend and former governess.

The Royal Mint is offering a whole variety of collectibles in tandem with the printed Peter Rabbit coin.

Read Across America Day

50 pence in the U.K. is about 70 cents here in the U.S.

And on behalf of Read Across America Day, we offer these priceless bits of imagination to read for pleasure from Dr. Seuss!


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