Blackjack to Black Ops: New Learners Earning Unique Badges

Gone are the days when online education was limited to a few industries and skill sets. Today, alternative credentialing opens access to a wide range of industries students may have never considered, allowing them to gain the skills needed to find a new or better job.

As digital badging programs become more popular, more accepted, and more diverse employers from many sectors are turning to this technology to fill workforce needs.

In each case, employers depend on these digital badges to demonstrate potential hires have the skills necessary to do jobs—and do them well.

Here are seven examples of specialized badging programs designed to fill specific and very unique workforce needs. Each program partners with Pearson to offer badges through Acclaim.

AACC_Casino Blackjack


Issued by Anne Arundel Community College

The Casino Blackjack badge is issued to students who successfully complete the 80-hour course entitled Casino Blackjack Dealer (COO-370) at the Anne Arundel Community College Dealer School.

In order to earn this badge, students must demonstrate proficiency in terms of card handling, cheque handling, payouts, and customer service.

The opening of a number of new casinos in Maryland has caused a surge in the need for skilled gaming employees and AACC is well-poised to help provide a well-trained workforce for the local economy.




Issued by Capella University

The NSA Focus Area badge in Network Security Administration is one of three badges issued to students in Capella’s Master’s in Information Assurance and Security, Network Defense program and affirms that the student is able to apply methodology and tools to detect, analyze and mitigate vulnerabilities and threats found in network operation.

Recipients of this badge are able to solve complex security issues by analyzing characteristics of a variety of different network administration strategies including, software integration, network monitoring, data communication, and backup and restore.

This badge and others in Capella’s series of NSA-specific badges are designed to complement the school’s NSA and Department of Homeland Security designation.

Concordia_Digital Culture


Issued by Concordia University

The Digital Culture and Christian World View badge represents a course that defends the importance of understanding digital culture for evangelism, discipleship, and overall educational ministry in the 21st century by examining how digital culture is influencing the beliefs and/or values of individuals (in the church, in schools, or in societies in general.)

Concordia University offers several badges examining the role of religion in the digital age.

Iowa Fire Services_Fire Investigator


Issued by the Iowa Fire Service Training Bureau

Earners of the Fire Investigator designation understand fire dynamics, explosion dynamics, and building construction and demonstrate safety as it relates to fire investigation.

The Iowa Fire Service Training Bureau offers badge certification for multiple careers in fire service and safety, from hazardous materials disposal to safety inspection.

Madison_Beer Brewing


Issued by Madison College—School of Professional and Continuing Education

In this course, students review key scientific brewing principles and progress from basic knowledge of microbiology and fermentation, to acquiring an understanding of the main chemical processes involved in brewing science.

A thorough review of the key ingredients involved in brewing science is included, and students learn the principles of sanitation and developing sanitation plans.

The growing craft brew scene in Wisconsin has local beer brewers needing more employees who understand their industry. Madison College has responded with several courses designed to educate this growing workforce.

SBCC_Blogging for Business



Issued by Santa Barbara City College

Earners of this certificate understand the process for creating a blog as part of a business marketing strategy, from defining the blog’s goals and target audience, to creating high quality content.

SBCC’s Career Skills Institute worked with local businesses to develop a flipped classroom model to teach emerging technology and soft skills.

AOTA_Occ Therapy Autism 1


Issued by American Occupational Therapy Association

Earners of the Occupational Therapy Autism Level 1 badge have successfully demonstrated an understanding of practice with children on the autism spectrum.

Earners of this badge are skilled at building an intentional relationship, using occupational therapy evaluation strategies, addressing sensory integration challenges, and planning intervention for praxis.

Badge earners understand the value of using SIMPLE intervention to provide quality therapy for children on the autism spectrum.

This badge and others in the series from the American Occupational Therapy Association take into account the increased need for therapists who are trained in working with individuals on the autism spectrum.