Celebrating Pearson Parents and Caregivers


In honor of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and to celebrate Pearson’s commitment to #AlwaysLearning, we asked employees to share what they’ve learned from the special moms, dads, and other caregivers in their lives.

Here are some of our favorite submissions.

“From my Mom, I learned the intense joy that giving
and caring for others can bring 
when done with
no expectation of anything in return.”

-Tanja Eise

My mother and grandmother taught me
special family recipes that—to this day—
conjure up fond family memories
from my childhood. 
A shared meal
is a wonderful way to connect with
relatives, and it’s something I do with
friends and colleagues, too. Food is good!

-Chuin Phang

“The greatest learning gift I received from my dad is something I use every day: my vocabulary. Each day, my siblings and I were tasked with learning 10 words. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been complimented on my mastery of words.”

-Keisha Ceaser-Jones

 “My mom and dad are so different, but their skills are so complementary, and I am lucky to have had their influence. From my mom, I learned to trust my intuition, to treat others how I like to be treated, and to be kind, caring, and compassionateespecially to those less fortunate. From my dad, I learned the importance of education. He taught me to listen and be curious about life and the way things work, to follow my passions to find my purpose, and to be 110% dedicated to achieving my goals.”

-Jenn Rosenthal

“My hard-working, loving, and kind
grandparents laid the foundation for the
successful lives 
of their future generations.
My love for animals stems from my
grandmother’s kindness towards them,
and my love for learning and food
was influenced by my granddad.
They will always be remembered,
and I will always be grateful to them.”

Sindu Ravindran

“I learned from my sister that ‘having it all’ depends on your mindset. Most people chase happiness, but what is more realistic is creating your own contentment. With three kids under six (one with special needs), an intense work schedule, a husband in graduate school, and children’s activities throughout the year, she still makes time to help me care for my son. That’s contentment for this time and place.”

-Peggy Young

“From my dad, I’ve learned patience and reflection. I’ve learned that no matter what disabilities or illnesses one may battle, there is always hope and beauty in this life. Patience and reflection can help you see the hope and beauty.”

-Heather Cummings