HR Professional and Mother of Two Says She’ll ‘Never Stop Learning’

Leaving A Job For Home

When Martha Castro decided to go back to school to finish her bachelor’s degree, she was newly married and caring for her first child.

She’d been working a good job for 10 years with a telecommunications company but, she says, “I didn’t want to commute anymore—I wanted to take care of my baby.”

Looking for a New, Flexible Job

Martha completed her degree and soon set her sights on her next job.

“I wondered whether I’d be able to work again and care for my children,” she says. “I needed a job that was willing to be flexible with my schedule,” Martha says.

“When I’m in the office,” she says, ” you get every bit of my 150-percent—but I needed a supervisor who understood why I needed to leave at 5pm to take care of my son.”

Martha Castro Pic

‘I Was Real Up Front About What I Needed’

Martha stumbled on a job listing for a position in Pearson’s English Language Learning Solutions business.

“I was real up front about what I needed,” she says. “My interviewers were like, ‘Sure’ and ‘No worries.'”

Martha got the job.

Now a Master’s Student

Eight years later, she’s now an indispensable part of the human resources department as Executive Assistant to the Chief Human Resources Officer at Pearson.

Martha’s had another baby.

She aspires to be an executive in human resources.

And—she’s currently studying for a Masters Degree in human resources management at Mercy College.

Support at Home

“When I was considering going back to work, I talked with my husband about how it would impact our family,” she says. “He said ‘Go for it.'”

“My husband was fully supportive,” Martha says. “He still is.”

A Mother As Role Model

“I never want to stop,” she says. “There’s nothing better than learning.”

“I want to be a role model for my sons,” Martha says.

“I tell my older son ‘The more you know, the better,'” Martha says. “I believe the whole effort to learn is so good for the soul.”

‘The List Lady’

This winter, Martha masterfully juggled family, her job, and masters classes—plus Christmas plans.

“I’m the list lady,” she says. “My husband and I make so many decisions about Christmas and all of the logistics every year.”

“Do we stay home, do we travel?” were just some of the questions on this year’s list. “I also thought a lot about what gifts to give my son’s teacher at school.”

Now in 2017, the lists continue.

“Don’t get me started on what’s on my grocery list,” she says, “or my cleaning list ….”