Are Your Job Skills Future-Proof?

We know trends like demographic change, globalization, urbanization—not to mention emerging technologies like automation—are going to have a significant impact on jobs in the future.

Conventional wisdom says this impact will result in machines replacing humans in many ways, but new research from Pearson, Nesta, and the Oxford Martin School turns that thinking on its head.

We forecasted how these trends will affect the future demand for different types of jobs and the skills needed for that work, and examined how these trends might interact with each other.

The result is an entirely new way of looking at the future of employment and the skills needed to remain relevant. The findings indicate the necessary job skills of the future will have an emphasis on cognitive and interpersonal skills, like fluency of ideas, originality, social perceptiveness and complex problem solving. Learn more by reading the full report.

See how your job skills and knowledge will fare in 2030 and beyond with this brief quiz.