Moms, Literacy, and a Better Future for Children Around the World

Literacy and a Path to Success

Emma Buckle‘s mom spent a great deal of time reading her bedtime stories.

The Global Brand Campaigns Manager for Pearson has done the same with her own children, two young boys.

It’s a small example of how literate parents can plant the seeds of literacy in their children—and set them on a path to future success.

Ending the Cycle of Illiteracy

Emma and others will be promoting literacy this weekend for Mother’s Day.

They’re participating in a campaign called “Thank You Mom” that comes from Project Literacy. The organization is convened by Pearson and backed by more than 100 partners.

“Thank You Mom” is part of a larger effort to end illiteracy around the world. Organizers are encouraging folks to take to their social accounts and thank mothers for what they’ve been able to achieve because of literacy.

“Illiteracy is a huge, global issue,” says Emma.

“There are hundreds of millions of moms around the world who cannot read and write,” she says. “It means a tough life for mom—and it increases the likelihood that their children will struggle with literacy themselves.”

A Special Mother’s Day Gift

Along with “Thank You Mom,” Emma recorded a thank you message for a friend in South Africa.

“She’s such a great mom and an accomplished professional,” she says. “She’s always been a role model.”

As for herself, Emma received an early Mother’s Day gift this year.

Her youngest son started saying his first word: “Momma.”