Making the Connections Between a Diverse Workforce and Lifelong Learning

An Experimental Podcast

Chuin Phang is a Senior Advisor of Global Diversity and Inclusion at Pearson.

A global, diverse workforce is something he’s thinking about every day.

Still, a recent project has left him in awe about the wide and broad range of experiences shared by Pearson colleagues.

“I’ve developed new levels of respect for my colleagues,” Chuin says.

And it’s happening through an experimental podcast he’s hosting called “DiscussDiversity Podcast.”

A Broad Range of Topics

“It’s a series of conversations with Pearson employees to showcase our diverse workforce, hear about their experiences, and tie the whole exchange to learning,” Chuin says.

So far, each episode has lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. A new podcast is published each week—both inside Pearson’s intranet and outside Pearson for all to hear.

“We’ve covered grief and loss,” Chuin says. “I’ve talked with the son of immigrant parents, discussed transracial and foster care adoption with parents, and even a had a conversation about the right not to be offended over differences.”

So far, each episode features one of Pearson’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Advocate team members. They pick the topic.

“The podcast started out as an experiment to showcase these advocates,” Chuin says. “And I think we’ve stumbled onto something that’s really resonant and rich.”

‘So Much More for Me to Learn’

“We want to remind people that ‘diversity’ means more than a wide range of traits,” Chuin says. “And inside a learning company, the effort to embrace or validate or understand differences is an important learning opportunity.”

It’s how the podcast project is always tied back to learning.

“Life continues to surprise me,” Chuin says. “This project is telling me that there’s so much more for me to learn about my colleagues and people’s unique lived experiences—all beautifully told through these podcasts.”