Inclusive Access Million Dollar Club

The beginning of a new semester is a busy time for college students. In addition to figuring out a new schedule and getting a handle on new classes and professors, they’re also juggling obtaining new course materials and all the costs—both financial and opportunity—associated with them.

With Pearson’s Inclusive Access program, students have access to digital course materials and tools on the first day of class, better preparing them for each term. These programs allow colleges and universities to purchase course materials for all students in a course or department, and these savings then get passed on to students, saving them up to 70%.

Since 2015, Pearson has had more than 1.4 million students enrolled in more than 2.6 million course using our Inclusive Access plans. These numbers have grown steadily over the last three years and in 2017 alone, participating universities reported their students saved more than $100M.

The partner schools included on the map above have each saved their students at least $1M—in many cases more—through their Inclusive Access options. Select each school to learn more.

Learn more about how Pearson’s Inclusive Access program has benefited students across the country: