Saving Money for College With These Insights About Learning

Money and the Burden of School Debt

“People are spending a lot of money to go to college,” says Leah Jewell, who is Managing Director of Career Development and Employability at Pearson.

“It’s possible,” Leah says, “that some students go through a college experience and, at graduation, aren’t properly equipped to acquire or even find a job.”

“How are they then going to pay off all their school debt?”

jobs pathways

Understanding All the Choices

Leah says the number one reason students choose to pursue higher education is to put themselves in a better position to get a job.

“It’s not about pushing one pathway over another in higher education to direct students to particular jobs,” Leah says. “It’s about giving these students a better understanding about the pathways—and the jobs—that are available.”

You want to be an English major? No problem. Leah says you should know your options as a college graduate with an English degree.

“The more you understand these pathways,” she says, “the smarter decisions you’ll make about your own professional future,” she says.

‘The Mix’ of Employability

Leah and her colleagues have been working over the last two years to compile a list of the best research about preparing students for the job market after school.

“It’s not new, necessarily,” Leah says. “But we’ve drawn it all together in broad buckets that are easy to digest.”

“It’s a combination of these buckets that makes it work,” Leah says. “And these buckets are pretty applicable across the globe.”