Summer Break: Expert Advice for Parents on Managing Behavior at Home


Earlier this spring, we wrote about how Adam Bauserman helps teachers tackle three common classroom behavior problems. In this follow-up piece, we’ll address behavior issues that arise at home during summer break, and provide Adam’s tips for parents striving for smooth sailing over the summer.


School’s Out for Summer

Summer vacation. For kids, it’s the best time of the year. For parents, it’s often the most stressful. Without the schedule and structure of the classroom, behavior problems in children can flare up during the summer months.

Adam Bauserman, known as “Dr. Behave,” has a background in education. He’s taught kids of all ages, from elementary school through college. Today, he is an implementation specialist at Pearson, where he helps teachers tackle common classroom behaviors.


Different Places, Same Struggles

Not surprisingly, behavior challenges teachers tackle during the school year are the same ones parents see during the summer. As a father to a son with Autism, Dr. Behave has tips for parents hoping to prevent summer break from turning into summer breakdown. He’s hosting a webinar on the subject this Wednesday, July 20. Click here to register.

In advance, he’s sharing his best advice for parents on dealing with three major behavior problems: disrespect and reactive behavior, blurting out and interrupting, and lack of motivation. The tips are listed below.

Dr Behave Final

  The Three “C”s

“These behaviors are human – they happen,” Adam says. “The key is not to belabor a conflict or its resolution.”

“Be clear, be concise, and be complete. Use only words kids understand, make your point quickly, and then move on.”