Univision and Pearson Partner to Celebrate and Inspire Teachers

Photo courtesy of Jenn Rosenthal

Jenn Rosenthal spent her time as a student teacher thinking—and working—outside the box.

“I had to find ways to connect with my students, so I focused on preparing lessons that resonated with their experiences and interests – for example, poetry as rap music,” says Jenn, who is now a Community Manager at Pearson.

Jenn says that developing dynamic lessons that engage students in learning is what keeps teachers going.

“But teachers rarely talk about the important work they do,” she says.

That’s why she helped launch a new campaign in partnership with Univision called Nuestros Maestros—to celebrate the teaching profession.

Seeing Powerful Patterns in Research

Pearson and Univision first talked with parents and teachers in California to understand their regard for teachers and education.

Almost immediately, two powerful patterns emerged through that research.

“We found that many educators joined the teaching profession because they were inspired by a teacher or professor,” Jenn says.

“We also found that parents – especially Hispanic parents – still see education as the pathway to the American Dream, but don’t view teaching as an aspirational career for their children,” she says.

Jenn and her collaborators soon resolved to aim at the heart of the problem: generate excitement and engagement around the importance of having great teachers.

Taking the Time to Celebrate Teachers

Nuestros Maestros celebrates Hispanic teachers doing incredible work across subjects.

Jenn hopes the campaign will encourage teachers to share their stories more frequently.

“We would love to see more teachers – and the wider community – celebrate the teaching profession with us,” she says.

One Great Teacher in Music

Consider Maria Vargas Garcia, a music teacher in Dallas.

She’s helping Hispanic students embrace their culture through Mariachi music.

She’s also one of the many remarkable teachers profiled for Nuestros Maestros.

“Students are often shy at first, but as we proceed they begin to realize they are very lucky to be able to represent their country, its people and – most of all – their families through music,” Maria says.

And the benefits of music education don’t end there.

“Studies show music keeps kids engaged in school,” Maria says. “It can also shape their abilities and character – and build confidence.”



The Next Generation of Teachers

Jenn hopes Nuestros Maestros compels more students to become impactful educators like Maria Vargas Garcia: teachers who have the right skills to help students navigate the challenges that can hold them back.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to tell these amazing stories,” Jenn says.

“If one child saw Maria’s video and decided to become a teacher, that would be a victory,” she says.