When a College Student Talks Education With CEOs and Lawmakers

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Higher Education in the 21st Century

Eduardo Manzano was invited with two other college students this week to share their experience in 21st century higher education.

the panelists

One student panelist was approaching his 30th birthday. The second panelist started a successful business to help pay for her college education. And Eduardo comes from a community where more than a third of residents live below the poverty line and, until recently, large numbers of the city’s high school graduates never applied to college.

Their stories were part of a panel discussion called “Confronting the Skills Gap” presented by The Atlantic and sponsored by Pearson.

Eduardo’s Hopes for the Future

During an exchange on the panel with Pearson CEO John Fallon, Eduardo explains how a low-cost college education has been a “great experience,” setting him up for a career he hopes to land in biomedical engineering.